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We Are Closing on 9/7/2023

Dear Parents, Supporters and Friends of Full Circle,

               Full Circle has served the Central Virginia area for seven years by providing an educational model that serves the whole child.  We have grown and evolved over the years just as our students and families have grown.  When we began, we had no students enrolled, just two teachers and the determination to do things in a way that served the little humans that would walk through our doors in a wat that supported them mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  This spring, due to financial challenges,  we made a shift to becoming a micro-school and homeschool co-op.  Our community surveys seemed to show significant interest in supporting such a shift.  As our Pilot Program has unfolded, we have determined that the willingness to commit to this type of schedule and structure is not something the homeschool community is willing to do.

Due to lack of enrollment, Full Circle Education Center, operating as Full Circle Micro-school, will close on September 8th, 2023.  Our last day of classes will be 9/7/2023.

We are so grateful to the supporters past and present that have helped us offer our community and educational alternative.  We love and appreciate our families and friends for the countless ways you have helped the vision grow and continue.  We are deeply grateful to Jamestown Presbyterian Church and its community for their commitment to our vision.  We will forever hold the memories of you all close to our hearts.  Thank you for the privilege of serving your children for the past seven years. 


Angela Whittaker

Director, Full Circle Education Center

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