Our Philosophy

Full Circle Schools utilize the natural world to awaken the inner strengths and potential of all stakeholders.  We respect and support the individual learning pace of all members.  We provide educational activities that nurture the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of every person.  This is modeled from Progressive Education.

The day begins with activities like Brain Gym, Yoga, and meditation that prepare the mind for learning and assist with the development of brain and body.   Each day involves physical activities such as gardening, outdoor explorations and nature walkabouts that help provide the framework for instruction in English, History, Math, and Science.  Our Student Market provides students the opportunity to create real world products and manage the business that markets and sells their products.  Proceeds help fund class trips and supplies he students select.  These hands-on activities are used to develop and provide individualized instruction that addresses the personal strengths and weaknesses of each student.


To provide educational experiences that inspire people to become well educated, happy, healthy, engaged human beings.


Create an educational process that allows people to grow and learn mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually so they can become inspired global citizens.

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Telephone: (434) 607-1578

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