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Our Philosophy


Full Circle Schools utilizes the innovative instruction and real world activities / projects to awaken the inner strengths and potential of our students.  

  • We respect and support the individual learning pace of all members. 

  • We provide educational activities that nurture the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of every person.  

  • Activities like Brain Gym, Yoga, and meditation prepare the mind for learning and assist with the development of brain and body.   


  • All Class planning is guided by the Virginia State standards and the National Common Core Standards. 


  • Enrichment classes provide students opportunities to create real world products and manage the business that markets and sells their products.  Design solutions to real world problems.  These hands-on activities are used to develop and provide individualized instruction that addresses the personal strengths and weaknesses of each student.

The Full Circle method teaches to mastery in the academic foundations and critical academic skills so students are prepared and capable of excelling in real-world situations of work and learning.  Full Circle also provides rich and diverse education that develops free-thinking citizens.  We nurture the natural learning process created from student-driven study and projects.  FCS believes that inspired students naturally grow and develop academically because they have personal goals and curiosity.  Students are given the power to design activities and choose project topics, which ensure ownership of the outcomes.


At Full Circle, we remove the competitive nature of grading and provide students with individual feedback on their progress relative to their starting point on an assignment.  We utilize grading techniques that lead to mastery of skills and avoid acceptable minimums for the sake of moving forward in the curriculum.  We strive to create free-thinking students that seek truth and recognize bias and hegemonic materials.


Full Circle believes in students sharing the responsibility of caring for and maintaining our school and outdoor classrooms.  We work with students to create a rotating "chores" list that supplements our educational curriculum.  Every aspect of a child's day is an educational treasure chest when utilized and linked to academic skills they are learning.  Real-world application provides an understanding of the importance of being a life long learner.

We provide students with opportunities to experience the rewards innate in an extended effort toward mastery based outcomes.  We involved in these activities students will have opportunities to redo lessons and tasks until they reach their highest level of success.  Using positive, helpful and specific feedback students practice skills and experience learning at deeper levels.


To provide educational experiences that inspire people to become well educated, happy, healthy, engaged human beings.


Create an educational process that allows people to grow and learn mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually so they can become inspired global citizens.

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