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Curriculum and Instruction

Full Circle instruction is founded in curriculum that includes guidance from Common Core Standards, the Virginia Standards of Learning, and courses that ensure an education reflecting equity, accurate historical studies and up to date scientific information.  Our curriculum is enriched by leadership and character education from programs like equestrian classes, Robotics, 4H and our Student Market.  We strive to ensure students are prepared for both Career and College.


Full Circle blends Progressive and Contemplative education models to prepare students for a life in which their dreams and goals become their careers.  Our mission is to support students in discovering and understanding their inspirations. We then guide them as they explore how those inspirations can become a livelihood and career.  We support the dreams of the students and goals of the family through diverse learning experiences and Eco-literacy.  Whatever the job or career, it is vital students understand their role in environmental stewardship.  Our natural resources are the basis for their future jobs and prosperity; therefore, learning to care for them and use them wisely is critical for every citizen.


Our students experience blended groups based on academics, social development, and emotional needs.  These groups change as the activities and learning objectives change. We teach students to become leaders of their own educational experience while ensuring a strong foundation in the basic academic skills they need to set goals and follow their dreams.  


We do not promote students to the next level until they are ready.  Parents are engaged in decision making meetings in all areas of goal setting and academic decision making.

Full-time Enrollment

Full Circle provides full-time education 5 days per week for grades K through high school.  Our curriculum is based on Common Core Standards, updated, accurate historical and scientific discoveries. Students leaving our school will find they are prepared academically, socially and emotionally for any career or college choice. 

Part-time Enrollment

We also offer part-time enrollment for parents that want to home-school but need additional support and guidance with the curriculum.  Students may attend as little as 3 days per week if parents provide additional and ongoing instruction at home.   

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