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Scholarship Program

Full Circle offers scholarships based on household income after taxes. Please submit a scholarship application with or after you complete the registration packet and pay the registration fee.
Scholarship Policy and Procedures


Full Circle offers scholarships as funds are available.  Requests submitted after the due date will be considered after those submitted on time are awarded.  Scholarship decisions consider the financial and family circumstances for each applicant as described on the application.  Please share fully with the board so your families entire circumstance can be considered.  Applications are assigned a number and all identifying information removed from the packet considered by the board.  This allows for the most objective decisions possible.  
The deadline for scholarship applications are posted on the calendar.


Scholarship Applications should be submitted no later than the day registration paperwork is submitted.

Families receiving scholarships are still required to pay the registration fee and all tuition by the deadlines established each year in the school calendar.
All scholarships are deducted from the total cost of tuition.  Funds are not given directly to the family or student.
Scholarship Award Scale
(This scale is a guideline and does not guarantee funds are available or total funds can be offered to a student.)
Household Income after taxes               Tuition Discount
                      $55,000                                       10%
                      $50,000                                       20%
                      $45,000                                       30%
                      $40,000                                       40%
Educator Scholarship

Students of a parent that is a full-time teacher (educator) in a public or private school will receive a 30% discount in tuition for the first child, 40% for the second child and 50% for each child thereafter, as long as funds are available.  Educators are required to complete all applications and meet all deadlines as established each year in the school Family Handbook and calendar. 

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